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Eli Green is Dead

Eli Green is buried in the Greenwood Baptist Church Cemetery near Lamar in Benton County, Mississippi. 

"He once told a story about Eli Green, a local blues musician who had a profound influence on Kimbrough. Green was a firm believer in voodoo and allegedly could throw a pack of cards in the air so that they all stuck on the ceiling. Once the cards were in place, Green could call out the name of a card, and that card would fall to the ground."

Oliver states that Green was from the McIntyre community near Chulahoma in Marshall County.

From the book Goin' Back To Sweet Memphis: Conversations With The Blues

     Eli Green? Is he still alive?

     No, he's dead, I think he's dead…I think he's dead.

     With McDowell's help, Chris Strachwitz located Eli Green near Holly Springs, MS, in 1965. He was able to records two songs, "Brooks Run Into The Ocean and "Bull Dog Blues", by Green with backing from McDowell…and are "all that remains for post…

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