Other Memorials

John Butch, "The Blues Don't Hurt Like They Used To," Greenwood Commonwealth, Dec 29, 1999.

  • Eddie "Son" House

Rich Gardner, "On The Trail Of a Delta Bluesman," [Eddie 'Son' House sang the blue's in Mississippi in the '20s. Then he vanished. He sang them again in Rochester in the '60s. Then he vanished again. This author finds him in Detroit in 1981.]

Richard Waterman and Son House: Two Remarkable Men and the Two of the Best Friends that Blues Lovers Ever Had

  • Narmour & Smith

Susie James, "Music to the Ears," Greenwood Commonwealth, Mar 25, 1999. [Their Graves and Willie T. Narmour’s Carroll County Blues was a Classic and Kicked off a Music Career that is the Stuff of Legends]