L. C. Ulmer

L.C. Ulmer in 2014 

In 2017, Jonathan Hilbun visited Hickory Grove Cemetery in Laurel, Mississippi in search of the grave of L.C. Ulmer. He failed to locate the marker in the large cemetery, because it was an incredibly hot day and he had a limited amount of time during which to locate the grave. He never found it that day, but he paid my respects during a visit in May 2018.

Photo: J. Hilbun 2018 
The grave is located in the section of the cemetery on the northern side of 15th Street (across the street from the seemingly much larger section on the south side of 15th Street). There's a long white wall that separates the cemetery from the neighbor, Wal-Mart Supercenter. Ulmer's grave is toward the back and on the left if you're driving northward. It's very close to the dividing wall. In the center of the photo of the landscape near the grave are a couple of magnolia trees.

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