Sunday, January 27, 2019

Witness to the California Blues


  1. I'm ashamed to be Californian, as a witness & victim of California's policies, I would love to see the United Nations pursue criminal charges against past, current, local and state politicians responsible, allowed and profited from the homeless crisis the United Nations calls a crime against humanity . It is a covert assault against the poor, as policies are designed, perceived and observed as financial policies, when in reality, are back room Jim Crow laws aimed to uproot specific Latin and African American communities living in previously undesired real-estate markets big tech corporations have recently moved into. Take Oakland Ca for example. Techie-hipster now occupies the ghetto, and the previous occupants we left for dead. With nowhere to go, moved to a growing homeless community that lives underneath freeway 880. If you were to see the horrid conditions this community lives in that stretches the the entire length of Oakland. The first thing you would notice is there is no white people living under the freeway and primarily just African Americans. It is a disgusting sight for anybody who has a living and breathing soul. The fact this has been allowed to happen and ignored is and should be viewed as a crime, but in California. They call it gentrification....