Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Grave of Blues Fiddler Henry "Son" Simms

Blues Fiddler Henry "Son"Simms

Produced by the Mt. Zion Memorial Fund
Please watch and share this video and help us keep cemeteries clear and open to families and friends

In mid-January, the MZMF removed several thick trash bags of beer bottles and other loose debris from the vast burial ground. One man can only do so much, but imagine if an entire group of blues tourists at a festival put down the beer and picked up trash for an hour. Imagine that beautiful, authentic and honorific scene. Imagine a few more years of decay. It happens...all the time. Not this time? Many larger items, of course, will require several people and a careful touch, but the inclusion of an organized cleanup effort in a major tourist event could remedy the decrepit, overgrown situation almost in an afternoon. We should all be able to get behind honoring the blues and the nation's patriots, regardless of antiquated traditions and old fences and specters of the past... Just look at the front image....

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