Charley Patton

     After meeting Skip Henderson in the Mt. Zion cemetery while Henderson was planning the Robert Johnson ceremony, John Fogerty agreed to fund a headstone to be placed on the grave of Charley Patton. Patton’s grave was identified to both Fogerty and Henderson by the 79 year old cemetery caretaker, “Cootchie” Howard, who claimed to be at the cemetery as a child when Patton was buried.  The grave site is located in a cemetery belonging to the New Jerusalem M.B. Church on the Robinson Plantation in Holly Ridge, Mississippi.  The Patton ceremony took place on the blazing hot afternoon of July 20th 1991, the same weekend as the Pops Staples Festival in nearby Drew, Mississippi and Roebuck “Pops” Staples was in attendance along with Fogerty and three generations of Patton’s family including daughter Rosetta Patton Brown, granddaughter Martha Brown and great granddaughter Keisha Brown.  After the ceremony Fogerty performed at the Staples Festival to the delighted astonishment of those in attendance and later composed and recorded a song inspired by the heat that day, entitled “110 in the Shade”.
(L to R) Rosetta Patton Brown, Roebuck "Pops" Staples,
John Fogerty, and MZMF founder Skip Henderson

Charley Patton - A Spoonful Blues